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Brainstorm Software Gets Help from NewTek NDI

MADRID—Real-time 3D and virtual set manufacturer Brainstorm Multimedia has announced it is now offering support for software-driven IP workflows with NewTek’s Network Device Interface. NDI will integrate into Brainstorm’s Infinity Set line of products, which will allow them to be recognized as a source by other NDI-enabled devices connected to a standard Ethernet local area network.

NDI is a royalty free technology that allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network. This allows Infinity Set to simplify its installations by using just a network switcher and a single cable, rather than a number of input signals with individual SDI cables.

In addition, Brainstorm plans to support additional features in NDI when its releases its updated software development kit in the fourth quarter of 2016. NDI 2.0 will reportedly offer higher performance, resolution independence, 16-bit per channel support for the highest precision color of any IP standard, 16 channels of floating point audio, improved cross subnet support, integrated fail-safe support, and network-based re-routing support.

Brainstorm recently showcased the new NDI integration at its booth during IBC 2016.