Boxx TV Provides Instant Hockey Coverage at Winter Games

Competition for the Winter Games’ hockey showdown is being covered in a new way.

All the action from General Motors Place (renamed Canada Hockey Place for the Games) is being recorded and broadcast using Boxx TV’s “Zero Delay” wireless system. The platform delivers an uncompressed HD picture live-to-air in real time from untethered cameras in locations scattered across the arena.

Sony Systems Integration Group completed the installation, setting up multiple receivers throughout the arena, including the player’s benches, gym and in the press room.

Signals are transmitted in channels along the 5.1-5.8 GHz frequency spectrum using MIMO antenna technology.

Boxx TV technology also features a “daisy chain” signal system, that similar to a traveling cell phone user whose conversation is passed seamlessly from cell to cell during a call, the HD signal will pass from receiver to receiver as it is sent from a specific camera if it happens to move down a long hallway or field.