Bloomberg Quicktake Streaming News Network Debuts

Bloomberg Quicktake
(Image credit: Bloomberg Media)

NEW YORK—Bloomberg Quicktake, a 24/7 streaming news network from Bloomberg Media, is now live. The streaming network aims to provide a global view of the news for the young professionals and leaders, covering stories dealing with business, technology, culture, society, personal finance, politics and the business of sports, food, travel and entertainment.

Quicktake previously launched in 2017 as a social video news network. Now, the streaming network version of Quicktake is launching with documentary-style original series, anchor-led news shows, data visualizations, motion graphics, on-the-ground breaking news and live events. At the start, there are 10 original series and four live daily news shows.

“Quicktake’s arrival on streaming disrupts the traditional broadcast TV news model—from the types of stories it covers to the modern look and feel of the network, and the distribution centered around social and streaming,” said Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media. “Our vision for Bloomberg Quicktake has always been to create a network of record for this era. Now expanding beyond its roots in social, it will be the network to watch for the business-minded consumer who seeks a deeper understanding of the global stories that impact their lives.”

At launch, Bloomberg Quicktake is available on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV through a redesigned Bloomberg app. Viewers can watch the network live and access full episodes of original series and top story highlights on-demand; they can also choose between Bloomberg Quicktake or Bloomberg TV for their coverage.

Additional streaming platforms, including Samsung TV Plus, Tubi and Xumo, will begin carrying Quicktake in the coming weeks and months.

Livestreams of Quicktake are also available online and through the Bloomberg mobile app.