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BigBand BMR to Help SureWest Facilitate HD Over IP

SureWest Communications will use BigBand BMR (broadband multimedia-service router) to facilitate one of the first commercial deliveries of HD over its IP-based FTTP network. SureWest is currently tapping into BigBand BMR to enable more than 240 channels of video and music programs PPV, and conversion of multimedia content for IP distribution.

The firms said HDTV over IP has become a reality, moving from the lab into a production environment as the final stage leading up to SureWest's planned commercial HD deployment. This was achieved in part, according to SureWest, by extending the functionality of the BigBand BMR infrastructure which receives separate, variable bit-rate satellite video feeds, combined within a multi-program transport stream.

Each program is adjusted to a constant bit rate, re-multiplexed and encapsulated within a UDP-IP stream for delivery over an IP network. This functionality is designed to enhance jitter-free video transport within the available bandwidth in compliance with access network and subscriber protocols.