Big Mug Intros HD Multicamera Monitoring

Big Mug Software, a provider of Apple Macintosh computer applications for the TV and film industries, has introduced a software kit dubbed Monitor Magic that enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple SD and HD cameras.

The new product tests each frame and highlights areas that need to be fixed, mostly due to overexposure or color problems, according to Big Mug Software.

The firm said Monitor Magic could monitor an array of formats including DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD and HDV cameras. It said the application is useful for multicamera interviews, where, for example, a couple of cameras can be situated for close-ups of the interviewer and subject, and a third camera is used for wide shots. Users can monitor the three cameras simultaneously for color correction and lighting balance.

Monitor Magic requires Mac OS X Version 10.4 or later versions, along with a FireWire-based camera (and other requirements). A 14-day trial version is available.