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Bexel teams with XOS Digital to bring HD instant-replay technology to college sports telecasts

Bexel and XOS Digital have joined forces to provide consultation services and infrastructure for college football organizations looking to upgrade their instant-replay capabilities to HD.

Jerry Gepner, CEO at Bexel, said XOS Digital’s experience, combined with Bexel's previous instant-replay work with the NFL and expertise in fiber-optic transport and stadium integration, will help the companies stand out among the competition.

Bexel and XOS Digital have previously worked with the Southeastern Conference, Conference USA and the Big XII Conference to implement HD instant-replay capabilities at each university within the conferences. The companies conducted a thorough review of each school’s needs, and then Bexel went on-site at each to install a system capable of transporting fully uncompressed HD/SDI.

For the transport at each school, Bexel implemented Advanced Fiber Solutions’ MC2 media converters, which provide an OLED display that depicts transmit output, operating temperature, self-diagnostic status and receiver light input power. Bexel also installed armored single-mode fiber at most of the facilities, offering protection from temporary cable pulls, add-on cable runs and other circumstances that typically occur in broadcast environments.

Bexel also installed custom panels at each site, allowing users to plug in their HD/SDI cables from the truck compound and receive them in the instant replay booth, with the fiber components always maintaining transparency to the truck’s engineer in chief.