BBC World Service manages assets with Pharos Mediator

The BBC World Service has selected the Pharos Mediator as a content management platform to integrate the network’s ingest, media workflow, transfer management, router control and playout.

Mediator includes a task-specific, Web-based user interface that guides operators through the workflow and allows search and browse of any material from their desktop. World Service workflows are prioritized and resources managed by Mediator based on the demands of an integrated program schedule. A total of 32 channels are configured as complete playout-capable subsystems, each safeguarded by a fully mirrored channel.

Pharos is also designing a future playout and routing infrastructure to cover the entire World Service operation. These requirements included flexible delivery of material to multiple platforms for both traditional linear broadcasting and new on-demand services. Reliability was essential so the new playout infrastructure is protected by full redundancy.

The new system is based on PC workstations running standard Web browsers. Where staff previously interacted with individual audio elements manually, content management and switching are now automatically driven by the scheduling system. As material becomes ready for transmission, it is made available to Pharos Playtime automation for secure playout in conjunction with live and scheduled programs switched from studios and other sources.

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