BBC uses BBC Technology’s playout control

BBC Technology’s Colledia Control product will be used to monitor and control the playout infrastructure at the BBC’s new Broadcast Centre in Europe.

CollediaÿControl will collect, log, filter and present on-screen status information from playout equipment and systems at the Broadcast Centre, enabling the operational staff to rapidly assess the nature of any reported faults and identify necessary remedial action. The monitoring system will be configurable to allow flexibility for future changes in equipment and operational processes and is designed to scale with BBC Broadcast’s future plans for expansion.

Colledia Control is a software-based product that provides control across all areas of the broadcast infrastructure and operations, including both modern and legacy equipment, from a single touch screen interface. It enables a single operator to manage an entire broadcasting infrastructure and operation, from content creation to distribution.

The system can interface with more than 5,000 different pieces of broadcast equipment, and does not require upgrades to existing equipment.

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