BBC Implements Custom Console Products

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND—With the recent completion of Custom Consoles new lighting control desk and Media Wall monitor displays, the company has announced that they will be added to the Elstree studios of BBC Studios and Post Production.

Module-R desk and Media Wall monitors

The new lighting desk is based on Custom Consoles’ Module-R series and designed to handle production camera control units and auxiliary equipment panels. The desk can also be operated by two operators simultaneously. A free-standing lighting control panel sits at the left end of the desk, adjacent to a supplementary desk.

The desk faces the 2.5-meter wide Media Wall that supports two 55-inch curved HD OLED displays. The Media Wall features three extendable Sony OLED HD picture monitors, with a fourth located at the top right of the desk. The studio has a second Media Wall located in an adjacent production control room.

Custom Consoles is a manufacturer of modular broadcast, process-control and security furniture with its headquarters in Bedfordshire, England.