Bay News 9 adds dual-polarimetric Doppler radar

Bay News 9, the Bright House Networks-owned cable news station in Tampa Bay, FL, recently delivered viewers their first look at dual-polarimetric radar technology from Baron Services.

The dual-polarimetric radar allows the station to offer its viewers increased weather detail, higher resolution imaging and enhanced accuracy. By combining the station’s FasTrac and VIPIR displays with dual-polarization technology, Bay News 9 is presenting a new level of detail.

Unlike conventional radar systems, which transmit solely a horizontal scan, dual-polarimetric radar transmits in horizontal and vertical orientations simultaneously, enabling meteorologists to see twice the data. Because dual-polarimetric radar uses hydrometeor classification to identify the location and type of precipitation that is falling, it provides more accurate information about the size, shape, orientation and state of hydrological data, allowing more precise forecasting.

Bay News 9 is the sixth station in the country to deploy this technology.

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