Baron Services, L-3 Win NOAA Radar Overhaul Contract

Baron Services, in partnership with L-3 Communications, was awarded a $43 million contract from NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) for upgrading NWS, FAA and DOD NEXRAD radar sites.

The five-year contract involves a total of 171 government and military weather radar systems and could have an impact on weather forecasting operations for broadcast meteorologists, according to Baron.

“We’re very proud to have been selected as a partner in this program and we look forward to working with L-3,” said Robert O. Baron, president and CEO of Baron Services. “Our team brought leading technology solutions to the table, and did so at the best value.”

Baron has developed a dual-polarized radar system that provides information in both horizontal and vertical planes, providing more accurate information about the size, shape orientation and state of weather systems. This in turn allows greater precision in forecasting. With the NWS’s adoption of this new radar technology, U.S. television meteorologists will have access to better data from which to base their forecasts, Baron says.