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Barco introduces new LCD projector

Barco has introduced a new LongLife projector.

The iQ Pro R210L includes a new computer processing server for full networking capability and wireless presentations.

With its advanced picture-in-picture functionality, the projector displays up to three source windows simultaneously. It features a built-in switcher, and a dual-lamp system that guarantees optimal reliability. The LCD projector has SXGA+ resolution and delivers a brightness level of 2,200 ANSI lumens.

The iQ Pro LongLife projector includes two 120W lamps, with a lifetime of 6000 hours per lamp. In the dual lamp mode, the iQ Pro LongLife projector can run for 6000 hours, and will deliver a light output level of 2,200 ANSI lumens. In the single lamp mode, reducing the brightness level, and increasing the lifetime of the lamp system as both lamps will run sequentially during a total of 12,000 hours.

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