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Bango launches ilovemobileweb campaign at CTIA show

Bango, a developer of mobile Web technology, launched its ilovemobileweb campaign at last month’s CTIA WIRELESS IT & Entertainment 2007 show. The campaign is pushing for increased awareness of the mobile Web among consumers.

The initiative urges companies to actively promote the mobile Web. Among its goals are to provide open access to the mobile Web for every phone user, a choice of content and services for consumers, easy pathways for fixed Internet content to become mobile-friendly and wider standardization of phones and mobile developer platforms.

Bango is encouraging any company that will play a role in delivering the mobile Web to consumers to go to the newly created ilovemobileweb Web site and read a charter delineating the campaign goals. There, the company can add its logo to the site and link to its own Web pages to demonstrate its support. Companies who sign up for the campaign are being asked to publicize it at trade shows, with ilovemobiletv T-shirts and mugs available for purchase.

The company promoting the .mobi domain for mobile phones, dotMobi, is the first organization to announce support for the campaign.

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