Band Pro distributes Silicon Imaging digital cinema camera

Silicon Imaging, the developer of the SI-2K Digital Cinema camera and Stereo 3D recording systems, has named Band Pro Film and Digital its exclusive distributor in the United States and Latin America.

The SI-2K camera was used on the Oscar-winning feature “Slumdog Millionaire.” It offers up to an 11 f-stop dynamic range, a mini remote head for handheld or stereo-3D shooting and Iridas Speedgrade embedded for 3D-LUT and live green screen keying visualization. The camera records direct-to-disk in 12-bit uncompressed or encoded to CineformRAW AVI or Quicktime files. These files can be immediately placed on the Apple Final Cut timeline and edited with real-time playback without the need for format conversions or proxies.

Unlike modern HD cameras, which develop and compress colorized imagery inside the camera, the SI-2K streams data as uncompressed raw “digital negatives” over a standard gigabit Ethernet connection. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based computer embedded in the camera, or a laptop tethered up to 100ft away, process the digital negatives, where they are nondestructively developed and colorized for preview using the cinematographer’s desired look.

The SI-2K is controlled with an intuitive touch-screen driven display with digital zoom, focus-assist histogram and false-color exposure tools. The integrated P+S Technik Interchangeable Mount System gives the user the flexibility to use a variety of optics including PL, Nikon F, C-mount, and 2/3in B4 HD lenses for shooting with the Zeiss DigiPrime family. An optical viewfinder is available with the B4 Lens mount, as well as, an SVGA OLED electronic viewfinder for use with the recorders.

Band Pro, with facilities in Burbank and New York, offers a host of cine-style accessories for the SI-2K including Chrosziel matteboxes and follow-focus systems as well as Zeiss DigiPrime and DigiZoom lenses.