Balkans Broadcaster Updates Belgrade HQ With PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box

PlayBox Neo N1
(Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

BELGRADE, Serbia—N1, the 24-hour Serbian TV news broadcaster, has completed a large playout system installation leveraging PlayBox Neo ‘s Channel-in-a-Box solution at its Belgrade headquarters, PlayBox Neo announced.

"The time had come to modernize the playout facilities for our three regional channels. Following a careful study of the various solutions on the market, we opted for AirBox Neo-20 servers as being the most efficient to operate and maintain,” said N1 CTO Vladimir Ilic.

N1, CNN’s exclusive regional partner, distributes news via cable TV, direct-to-home satellite and on the Net TV Plus OTT platform. The new AirBox Neo-20 servers provide N1 with pre-scheduling and automated playout functionality while maintaining the flexibility to make near-to-airtime changes or insert live contribution feeds, said Ilic.

“Everything is controlled from a unified interface, which simplifies staff training and allows our operators to work with maximum confidence,” he said, adding that the PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box approach will make it easy to add more servers to expand N1 workflow when required.

The project was commissioned via PlayBox Neo distribution partner PBT Adria, which supervised the design, installation and operator training.

“After detailed discussions with the N1 engineering team, we recommended a solution comprising seven AirBox Neo-20 playout servers plus a PlayBox Neo Multi Backup Manager,” said PBT Adria's General Manager Vladimir Stanić.

“We have equipped the N1 facilities with PlayBox Neo servers in 1+1 main and backup configuration, and they will broadcast to Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina regions. All N1 production and transmission are in HD, supplemented by a downconverted feed for SD delivery. As part of the system, we also integrated PBT Adria Traffic Box traffic management software, which is used for program rights handling, scheduling and EPG deployment," he said.

More information is available on the PlayBox Neo website.  

Phil Kurz

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