Avitech Virtual Monitors Grace New Scripps Broadcast Center

Scripps Networks, which includes cable networks Home & Garden Television, Food Nework, DIY-Do It Yourself Network and Fine Living, has purchased four Avitech Virtual Monitor Wall systems for its Knoxville, Tenn., facility.

Three of the virtual monitor systems are already in Scripps' broadcast operations center. The fourth is scheduled to go online this fall in Scripps' transmission control room.

"By creating a virtual monitor wall, Scripps Networks can use the same monitoring hardware to perform multiple tasks, as opposed to the fixed approach of a traditional hard monitor wall," said Scripps Vice President of Engineering Mike Donovan. "With fixed images, the user can change what is going into those monitors, but cannot rearrange the images or alter their size or priority. The Avitech systems provide us with the flexibility to alter the images on screen in whatever way works best for the application."

The systems are comprised of SDI modules from Avitech's Video Command Center and Audio Command Center range of products. All are expandable to handle any future networks added to the Scripps family.

Avitech International Corp. is based in Redmond, Wash.