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Avid Technology has announced the availability of version 2.0 of iNEWS, its newsroom management system.

iNEWS 2.0 offers several new production features, as well as support for the Linux operating system, which provides a wider choice of operating platforms and allows for tighter integration with Avid end-to-end news production environments and third-party news systems.

Updates include Data Receiver, a feature that allows the iNEWS system to ingest information from diverse sources such as traditional subscription wire services or e-mails from reporters in the field; and Rundown Mirroring, which enables both disaster recovery and accessibility across stations by automatically copying rundowns to another location within the same iNEWS system, to another iNEWS system or to a shared network. >[?

Also added was MOS Drag-and-Drop to Rundown, a feature that allows users to drag and drop MOS events directly onto the rundown.

The iNEWS 2.0 system also offers options including MOS, ControlAir device drivers, and FTP to communicate with third-party devices and applications, improving compatibility with third-party systems. The iNEWS 2.0 system is also designed to interoperate with a range of Avid video solutions, such as Avid NewsCutter, Media Browse and AirSPACE systems.

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