Avid Bows Venue SC48 Remote I/O

BURLINGTON, MASS.: Avid has introduced the Venue SC48 Remote System, a compact digital live sound system that presents the Venue SC48 with remote I/O functionality.

Consisting of the SC48 console and new Venue Stage 48 remote box, Ethernet Snake Card, and Venue 3 software, the SC48 Remote System is an alternative to the all-in-one SC48, enabling engineers to place the I/O away from the console and closer to sources, attached by redundant Ethernet AVB snake connectivity over Cat6 cable.

The Venue SC48 Remote System provides a compact system with 48 inputs and 16 outputs (expandable to 32), customizable between SC48 and up to two Stage 48 remote boxes allowing mic preamps to be placed as close to sources as possible, eliminating long analog cable runs. Instead, the system uses low-latency, open standard Ethernet AVB, delivering redundant, all-digital connections through standard Cat6 cable at distances up to 100 meters. Users can record and play back up to 32 channels in Pro Tools (included) with a FireWire-equipped laptop. The system provides fully integrated plug-in support and can load show files created on any Venue system for full show file portability

The Stage 48 remote I/O box will also be available as an add-on option (along with its companion Ethernet Snake Card) to existing SC48 users, enabling them to get more flexibility from their system.

The Venue 3 software upgrade offers new features, including reportedly faster workflows. For the SC48, the software upgrade provides more busses, input processing channels, plug-in slots and Pro Tools channels. Users can record and play back up to 32 Pro Tools channels (up from 18) over FireWire (SC48 and FWx Option Card users); create bigger mixes with expanded input processing channels in SC48 (increased from 48 to 64) and Venue Mix Rack (increased from 64 to 80) Systems; get HPF settings included in all EQ presets, and when copying/pasting EQ settings; configure console layouts by dragging and dropping channel strips; handle a full stage of monitor mixes with 24 busses available for SC48 (up from 16); use 40 plug-ins slots for SC48 (up from 20); and program the Console User button in the Events List to perform common tasks such as tap tempo or recalling a snapshot.

The Venue SC48 Remote System, Venue 3 software upgrade, Stage 48 remote box, and its companion Ethernet Snake Card are all expected to be available worldwide in February 2012.

-- Prosound Network