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Autoscript Prompters Support Coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

LONDON—Autoscript teleprompting systems and services supported broadcast coverage of the 2013 Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Held at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, Tuesday, May 21 through May 25, the event was attended by 157,000 visitors and seen on BBC Two television and online via BBC iPlayer.

“We had an operator and rigger on site throughout the production, moving around with the production crew and presenters, whatever the weather. Four Autoscript LED-8-TFT 8 inch on-camera units were supplied for portable use in and around the gardens. The LED-backlit panels are ideal for outdoor use due to their very high contrast and therefore ease of readability in all daylight situations,” said Charlotte Latham, Autoscript’s head of rentals. “We were also asked to provide Anton Bauer Dionic HCX batteries in power-belt configuration for portable power in case required for some of the location shoots. For the on-site studio we provided three LED-15-TFT 15 inch on-camera units, plus an 8 inch TFT prompter mounted as a straight reader on a jib.”

Autoscript LED-15-TFT-Plus panels offer fast warm-up to full brightness, unlike cold cathode fluorescent tubes LCD panel backlights. Intended for use in news or studio-based, the panels can be used with standard, wide-angle and extra-wide-angle hoods.

Like studio size LED prompters, the compact LED-8-TFT has a built-in tally light, tally sensor input, an illuminated control panel for easy viewing, and a mount to incorporate accessories.

Autoscript's hire division offers a range of prompting systems including lightweight flat-screen on-camera displays, wireless prompting, optical scroll controls with no potentiometer and a dual-colour tally system. A full hire service is available for studio, office, stage or outdoor teleprompter shoots, ranging from TV shows and films to corporate productions, conferences and awards. Autoscript supplies the equipment a client requires, a technician to set it up and an operator to input scripts, make changes, and control the speed of the words on the screen.