Autodesk technology answers the call for World Cup

Autodesk technology was used to create HD content for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Post-production facilities that relied on Autodesk technology for the World Cup include Deep Blue Sea, Locomotion, METAphrenie, Method Studios and The Mill.

One example of Autodesk technology used for the tournament is METAphrenie, a Berlin-based design and production company. The post house created the Adidas "Impossible Team" commercial with Autodesk Maya 3-D animation software. This entirely computer-generated ad features the Adidas +F50 TUNIT and +Predator Absolute soccer shoes, as well as the gold and black Adidas +Team Geist matchball that will actually be used in the final World Cup match. Artists at METAphrenie used Autodesk Maya to model, texture and animate all aspects of the commercial, including the ad's two main characters, soccer players' legs and feet, the Adidas products and the environment.

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