ATTO Technology announces iSCSI initiator for Apple market

The MAC iSCSI initiator provides a centralized storage solution for Macintosh computer users

ATTO Technology, a provider of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, has developed its MAC iSCSI software initiator, enabling Apple users worldwide to take advantage of iSCSI technology. IT professionals said the iSCSI technology allows them to network storage while leveraging their current Ethernet expertise.

The MAC iSCSI initiator, in tandem with any of ATTO’s iPBridge products, lets users develop centralized storage infrastructures that leverage their existing Ethernet network, by providing the ability to attach existing SCSI storage to an Ethernet IP-based network.

By connecting existing SCSI storage to an iSCSI storage area network, Mac users can:

  • Take existing direct-attached SCSI storage devices and make them available to multiple servers;
  • Use standard 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet protocols which leverage existing IT expertise;
  • Improve return-on-investment for existing SCSI storage devices.

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