Atomos Cloud Studios Goes Live

Atomos Cloud Studio in use
(Image credit: Atomos)

MELBOURNE, Australia—Atomos today announced its Cloud Studio, a suite of cloud-based video production services, is now available.

Atomos Cloud Studio offers a range of subscription-based tools for remote collaboration and live production, the company said.

The suite includes: Atomos Capture to Cloud, Atomos Stream and Atomos Live Production. The suite leverages the CONNECT range of network-enabled monitor-recorder devices: ATOMOS CONNECT for Ninja V and Ninja V+ and Shogun CONNECT. Zato CONNECT supports Atomos Capture to Cloud and Atomos Stream, it said.

The solution future proofs users. Atomos camera-mounted devices not only can be updated and feature-enhanced in the field, they also can easily be integrated into remote and collaborative productions anywhere in the world, the company said.

“We see it [Atomos Cloud Studio] as augmenting video production,” said company CEO Trevor Elbourne. “Filmmakers and video content producers everywhere can access Atomos Cloud Studio to collaborate and share their work faster than ever before, create a polished live production or stream content to the platform of their choice directly from the camera.”

Basic camera-to-cloud functionality and 720p proxy quality is free, and more features can be added by purchasing a monthly subscription plan. For $5 per month, up to five devices can be registered, all capable of uploading 1080p proxy files while recording using Atomos’ progressive file transfer technology, it said. 

There are four subscription tiers, each of which successively allows more devices to be deployed and each of which offers greater control over proxy quality. That flexibility extends to the Live Production tool with on-air time credits, which can be purchased as part of a monthly plan or topped off when demand dictates, the company said.

Live Production is available to use in a fully featured BETA. There are three types of Live production shows, including:

  • A basic show for a live webcast with up to four locked-off cameras, streaming to a single social media platform.
  • A standard show incorporating more audio functionality, including intercom talkback, transitions and picture in picture, which is well-suited for a school sports event or concert.
  • An advanced show with all of the features of Atomos Live Production and fully-featured tools including four-input video switcher, sound mixer, video transition effects, still graphics, animated graphics, tally lights when cameras are live and a fully featured intercom system.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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