AT&T TV to Provide 20 Simultaneous Streams, Unlimited DVR

(Image credit: AT&T)

DALLAS—AT&T TV has announced new features that will expand its users' capability to watch content—increasing the number of possible simultaneous streams to 20 and offering an option for unlimited hours of cloud DVR.

AT&T TV had previously allowed customers to have three simultaneous streams. Based on customer feedback, AT&T TV will now allow customers to have as many as 20 simultaneous streams going at no additional cost and no action required. 

There are some restrictions to the increase in simultaneous streams—some networks are excluded, like Fox networks, Starz, NHL Network, Showtime and PBS; and customers can still only stream on three devices out-of-home.

The now unlimited cloud DVR will be available to subscribers of the 500 hours of cloud DVR package automatically. Customers that do not have an annual contract get 20 hours of storage included, with the option to upgrade to unlimited storage capacity for $10/month. Recordings can also be accessed from outside the home via the AT&T TV app.

Recordings in the unlimited DVR storage do expire after 90 days. In a series recording, a max of 30 episodes can be stored (oldest deleted first).

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