Asia: Japan Grows, China Slows in Plasma HD Share

In Q4 2005, Japan gained in its overall share of plasma TV production on growth of more than 100 percent, following a slow and disappointing Q3. Japan's share grew to 9.4 percent in Q4. Japan's entire outlay of plasma TVs is HD -- with the 37-inch screens being the most popular plasma choice. (In nearly all other regions of the world in Q4, the 42-inch unit was the most popular size among plasma sets.)

China, on the other hand, experienced plasma TV shipments slower than expected in Q4, causing that region of the world to lose share for the third consecutive quarter. China's share of the global plasma market fell from 10 to 8 percent, despite a 15 percent growth by quarter-to-quarter and 73 percent growth year-to-year, as 40- to 42-inch LCD units (not plasma) took significant share in China.

Due to lower print points and availability, the 42-inch ED screen was the most popular plasma TV sold in Q4, with a whopping 75 percent share in China.