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ASEAN Media Industries Get New Web Portal

The media industries of ASEAN countries received a boost recently with the announcement of a new web portal.

Called the ASEAN Media Portal, the site will provide a wide range of information related to ASEAN tourism and culture as well as highlight media content from its 10 ASEAN member states.

The ASEAN Media Portal will feature new and archived multimedia clips on news, documentaries, heritage and tourism information; a media directory of ASEAN broadcasters and producers; a catalogue of commercial media content (encompassing TV, film, animation and games); trailers of commercial media content.

During the launch of the portal, Dr Lee Boon Yang, Singapore's Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, noted: "As the ASEAN member states forge closer political and economic ties, it is important for the peoples of ASEAN to have a proper understanding of ASEAN's larger objectives and the opportunities they present. This is where the media and information sector can play a significant role, not only in promoting the achievements of ASEAN, but also in fostering a strong ASEAN identity."

The content from the ASEAN Media Portal will enhance its parent ASEAN Culture and Information Portal, which also unveiled a new look.

The idea for revamping the ASEAN Culture and Information Portal and enhancing it with media content was first mooted in May 2007 at the 9th Conference of the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI).

Both portals are managed by the ASEAN Secretariat, with Singapore — via the Media Development Authority (MDA) — developing and hosting the ASEAN Media Portal.