Artel Takes Aim At IP, Video Convergence With New Courses

WESTFORD, MA.—Artel Video Systems today announced a new series of technology and solutions training programs to help broadcasters prepare as the industry transitions to IP.

The training courses are intended to hasten understanding of underlying technologies necessary in the broadcast industry to enable migration to IP and enhance productivity as IT and video workflows converge, the company said.

Artel will offer course in three areas: networking technology for video professionals, video technology courses for networking professionals and modern IP video technologies and systems.

“The migration toward IP and the convergence of video and IT ecosystems require broadcast video and audio professionals to understand networking and vice versa,” said Rafael Fonseca, vice president of product management at Artel. 

The networking technology courses for video professionals are designed for engineers, technicians and operators who need to understand the functions and terms that will be used to create the next generation of video production systems. The Level 1 course addresses IP layers, technology fundamentals and networking technologies. The Level 2 course builds on that foundation and focus on more advanced IP technologies needed for IP video production, multicasting and elements of video encapsulation, Artel said.

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The video technology courses for networking professionals are designed for practicing IT professionals with a strong background in IP networking who need to understand audio and video signal formats and terms. The Level 1 course will cover the wide range of video signals and the systems used to distribute them to viewers. The Level 2 course will examine video compression methods and the different elements of video streams and containers.

The modern IP video technologies and systems course is designed for technicians and engineers with backgrounds in both video and networking technologies who need to learn more about the technologies based upon new IP standards for media production and transport.

Artel training courses are product-neutral and open to any organization preparing for the migration to IP. The company also offers other training courses.

Details can be found on the Artel website.

Phil Kurz

Phil Kurz is a contributing editor to TV Tech. He has written about TV and video technology for more than 30 years and served as editor of three leading industry magazines. He earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.