Art Allison Honored With ATSC Award

Art Allison, director of advanced engineering in the Science and Technology Department at NAB, was honored with the Bernard J. Lechner Outstanding Technical Contributor Award at the ATSC annual meeting held May 10.

Mark Richer, ATSC president, said, "Art Allison has been an outstanding contributor to the work of the ATSC for over a decade, and in a variety of other standards forums as well throughout his career. Art epitomizes the values of dedication, hard work, and cooperation that are vital to the success of the ATSC."

From 1997 to 2004, in the roll out of DTV in the U.S., Allison was chair of the ATSC Implementation Subcommittee. There he guided the industry in solving numerous issues, including lip sync and the postage stamp-effect issues and the implementation of PSIP and captioning. His subcommittee's initial work led to the creation of important standards in ATSC, CEA and SMPTE. Allison is currently chair of TSG/S1 (PSIP Metadata Communication) and assists many other specialist groups.

Before joining NAB in 1995, Allison was chief architect of the Arbitron in-home electronic TV channel identification system.