ARRI ALEXA Fiber Remote Option brings Hollywood film look to broadcast

The images seen in Hollywood films are obtainable for the broadcast world through the ARRI ALEXA Fiber Remote Option.

With a high sensitivity over two stops more compared to typical 2/3in camera systems, the image quality and dynamic range of ALEXA (progressive and interlaced mode, up to 1080/60) can be applied to a typical multicamera broadcast studio or OB van productions.

The shallow depth of field and color rendition achieves higher production value for telenovelas, soaps, sitcoms, events, music concerts, talk shows, magazines and sport specials.

Using a certified system that includes CopperHead from Telecast Fiber Systems, ALEXA and ALEXA Plus models can be connected through a SMPTE 311M fiber connection and remote controlled for live painting of the image.

Besides the Telecast CopperHead components and the ARRI Fiber Remote Box mounted on top of the ALEXA body, a monitor is also required for typical pedestal use.