Arena Stocks 4K Truck With Barnfind, Lawo Gear

LONDON—Arena Television has rolled out new IP-based UHD HDR trucks, OBX and OBY, that is stocked with gear from both Barnfind and Lawo. The OB truck features Barnfind’s BarnOne and BarnMini products, as well as Lawo’s VSM control system.

Among the Barnfind products installed in Arena’s new truck is the BarnMini-07 CWDM multiplexer, which transports signals from the OBX truck to remote positions. The Barnfind products allow the operators to mix video, Ethernet and HDMI on a single platform and configure the internal router.

Lawo’s VSM is being used as the overall control system for OBX and OBY, as well as the upcoming OBZ truck. The VSM system provides bi-directional connections with plugs acting as both inputs and outputs. VSM is able to handle all routing routines as a virtual router. The system can also recall different multiviewer layouts if required.

Arena is currently using the OBX truck for English Premier League coverage, with the OBY truck being deployed for additional services. OBZ is expected to be made available in early 2017.