Archimedia unveils test patterns for commodity hardware

Archimedia Technology has announced Archimedia Reference Charts, a set of advanced test patterns developed by video test and measurement company VideoQ specifically for mastering formats, such as JPEG 2000.

Designed for use with the Archimedia Reference Player, a software reference player for viewing, testing and measuring master files on a standard HDMI HDTV, the Archimedia Reference Charts allow users to test, align, configure, troubleshoot and stress any equipment with an SDI or HDMI input. Such devices include encoders, transmitters, video recorders, monitors, projectors, standards converters, editors and ingest and capture devices.

When combined with partner VideoQ's VQMA-3 software analyzer and an Archimedia HD-SDI or 4K-SDI card, the Reference Player and Reference Charts offer a full-featured test environment that runs on a commodity Windows 7 or 8 PC.