Apple TV’s New 3.0 Underscores HD Components

Apple has introduced its new Apple TV 3.0 software that boasts a reconfigured main menu that it says makes it easier to navigate through movies, TV shows and other online content options for viewing on an HD television set-- especially when it comes to choosing from a larger selection of HD content, including VOD movie rentals (and purchases from the iTunes Store), TV series and HD specials.

The new Apple TV software which allows full-screen HD and SD viewing, is now available to existing Apple TV owners for free, according to Apple.

The company says that HD movies and HD television shows from iTunes have proven to be very popular with current users of the Apple TV box, and the upgraded 3.0 software includes enhancements to current options and new features not related to HD, such as Internet radio.

In order to function, the 160GB Apple TV box requires an 802.11b/g/n wireless network (or 10/100 base-T Ethernet networking), a broadband connection, and, of course, an HD television set. Apple has not released data on how many Apple TV units it has sold, to date.