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Appear Adds Support For JPEG XS, OTT, BISS To X Platform

(Image credit: Appear)

OSLO, Norway—Media processing and delivery technology developer Appear today announced the general availability of the latest update to its X Platform, a high-capacity, versatile, ultra-low latency platform for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression.

Designed for remote production, contribution and distribution applications, the latest release offers upgrades to all X Platform modules to enhance flexibility, security and remote traffic management. 

The latest version offers full support of JPEG XS encoding and decoding with embedded support for either SMPTE ST 2110 or TS between encoder and decoder. JPEG XS is among the latest light compression algorithms. It offers reduced bitrate by a factor of 10x to 18x without sacrificing quality or introducing latency.

With two modules, one with classic coax SDI I/O and one with dual 40/25/10 IP, operators can easily bridge classic coax infrastructure sites with newer sites based on SMPTE ST 2110 infrastructure.

The latest version offers encoding and transcoding support for SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 in OTT applications. The X Platform embedded encoder in OTT mode offers a low-maintenance solution designed for 24/7 operation, consuming up to seven times less power per channel than traditional server-based solutions. It also offers about three seconds less of delay than server-based solutions without sacrificing quality.

X Platform also now offers support for Basic Interoperable Scrambling System (BISS) scrambling and descrambling on IP, satellite and ASI. It also supports BISS CA, an open standard introduced by EBU for encryption of content between professional players. Scrambling and descrambling will be available on all transports stream I/O modules on the X Platform and can be provided as a software option on IP, satellite and ASI input and output.

It also now supports PCAP recording on IP input, offering users the ability to do short PCAP recordings of incoming RTP/UDP data together with relevant network protocols, and provides Prometheus API support. Prometheus is a standard for extracting data from all types of equipment, including routers and servers.

More information is available on the company’s website.