AP rolls out new features for ENPS 5.0

The Associated Press has introduced several new features and enhancements for ENPS 5.0, including the addition of a top level view of the most critical user material in My ENPS.

Additionally, My ENPS stores dynamic searches of any wire or local content and monitors media folders for new video, still or graphic content. Journalists using ENPS as part of a group can now see remote rundowns and assignment information from remote sites. The new tabbed list window lets users go back and forth between the My ENPS window and the list window.

Additionally, the new script media pane provides an area in which all media, including video, audio and stills, can be previewed in line with the text that describes the media. This lets the journalist see all the visual elements that make up their story at a glance.

For more information, visit www.enps.com.