Another Vista for SVT

Swedish state broadcaster Sveriges Television AV (SVT) has taken delivery of its fifth Studer Vista 8 digital console, for installation in the flagship live-audience Studio 1 in Stockholm. The new system will be used for popular light entertainment and live audience programmes.

The investment in the 52-fader console is part of an upgrade to the audio facilities in Studio 1, and follows on from a detailed evaluation process.

Collaboration between Swiss, Swedish and British audio engineers has resulted in a new compressor algorithm, which will now be made available on all new Vista 8 consoles. The creation of the Vintage Dynamics algorithm enables a retro style of compressor-gate/expander to give a more pronounced effect than the standard dynamics.

The compressor section of the 'Vintage Dynamics' also allows different types of sound colouration, and includes 'wet/dry' blending control for greater flexibility.