Amagi Zixi Partner on Cloudport 3.0

NEW YORK & WALTHAM, MASS.—Cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising provider Amagi has announced it is partnering with Zixi, a provider of video delivery systems. The two companies will collaborate on enabling Amagi’s Cloudport 3.0 channel playout platform to handle IP contribution and streaming.

Amagi Cloudport 3.0

The Cloudport 3.0 is a virtualized playout platform that allows TV networks to spin new channels and create regional feeds based on view dynamics and preferences. Using Intel servers, Cloudport 3.0 can also be used at operator head-ends while retaining control over operations with broadcasters. In its new partnership with Zixi, the Cloudport can deliver live broadcast and playout over IP.

With the Zixi IP contribution, the Cloudport 3.0 will give broadcasters the chance to use Zixi ecosystem devices like Zixi-enabled encoders and cameras. Amagi will utilize the Zixi Feeder running on a Zixi appliance to input live feeds, or can use Zixi On-Air for mobile content delivery. Virtualized Cloudport servers will deliver Zixi stream to operator head-ends over IP. In addition, Amagi Storm receivers will be integrated with Zixi to receive IP streams at head-ends to localize feeds through ad and content insertion at the edge.

Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in New York. Zixi is located in Waltham, Mass.