All Mobile Video Taps SoundField Processors

NEW YORK: All Mobile Video has purchased three SoundField UPM-1 stereo-to-5.1 audio upmix processors. The sale was the first to be handled by SoundField’s newly appointed U.S. distributors Wohler.

AMV, which also owns New Jersey-based satellite uplink and downlink facility Gateway, covers large-scale outside broadcast events including the MTV music video awards, and international sports fixtures such as the US Open Golf and World Athletics Championships, as well as handling the OB and uplink requirements of the New York Metropolitan Opera’s regular international simulcasts to cinemas in Europe and Asia. Upmixing has been a requirement in many areas of AMV's business for a few years now

“We cover a lot of musical shows,” said All Mobile’s Ian Vysick. “I’ve tried tweaking things, but editing on those older processors is not fast; it involves accessing a lot of deep menus and repeated button-pressing. So when Wohler suggested I try the UPM-1, I asked them to bring one to a live musical event I was mixing.”

The trail went well, and following another at the red carpet coverage of the MTV Video Music Awards, AMV ordered three UPM-1s. One will be used between the company’s various OB vehicles to upmix VT and archive material for 5.1 transmission, one will be used in AMV’s uplink truck, and the third will be installed at the Gateway teleport station in New Jersey to upmix audio for the opera simulcasts from the New York Metropolitan.