Alabama Public Television solves bandwidth issues with Telairity AVC encoder

The Alabama Public Television (APT) group is using Telairity’s BE-8100 H.264/AVC HD encoder to transmit HD programming from its production headquarters in Montgomery to its control center in Birmingham. The encoder was deployed to solve specific bandwidth issues related to an SD infrastructure that limited the amount of programming that could be distributed throughout the state.

The existing network was adequate when programs were available only in SD, but when APT changed over to HDTV program production, involving four to six times more data than SDTV programs, the transmission problem was suddenly acute. The link between these two sites (either satellite or terrestrial microwave) is limited to a maximum bandwidth of 6Mb/s.

Using the HD encoder, APT solved its problem with a single cost-effective system, and without the far more expensive solution of replacing its connecting network.

APT operates a network of nine TV stations located throughout the state. Its production studio, located at WAIQ-TV in Montgomery, produces programs including “Capital Journal,” “Alabama Stories,” and “Face To Face.” A network operations center, which distributes programming via satellite to its stations around the state, is located at WBIQ-TV in Birmingham.

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