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AIRO Automation Takes KVHP To Air

(March 31, 2004) Austin, TX--When KVHP needed to add a second channel, it decided to upgrade and expand its AIRO automation system and contacted Digital Transaction Group (formerly Odetics Broadcast). The AIRO System automates two channels and controls a 360 Systems Image 2000 video server, Thomson Venus router, GVG M-21, and DVC-PRO VTRs for the KVHP master control room.
KVHP and Digital Transaction Group planned for a smooth transition by keeping older, legacy video servers on-line while expanding to the new Image Server 2000. Lester Langley, a co-owner of the station, is pleased with getting two channels to air more efficiently than before. The added functionality lets a single operator share devices for both channels. KVHP discovered that upgrading the existing system was more cost-effective than purchasing a new system and the flexible payment terms made good business sense for KVHP.
Digital Transaction Group