Adelstein Stays

Jonathan Adelstein, the FCC commissioner voted most likely to leave after the elections, is expected to be confirmed by the Senate for his first full term on the Commission.

The junior Democrat at the FCC, was tapped in 2002 to finish out the term of former Commissioner Gloria Tristani, which expired in June 2003. His formal nomination to the commission was delayed for nearly two years as a result of partisan cat-fighting on Capitol Hill.

He finally received his nomination from the White House on Tuesday, and testified before Congress two days later.

"Spectrum will be the lifeblood for much of this new communications landscape. I have set out an approach I call a 'Framework for Innovation' that establishes ground rules for issues like interference, while, to the greatest extent possible, allowing innovation in the marketplace to drive the development of spectrum-based services," he testified. "My goal is to maximize the communications and information that flow over the nation's airwaves."