Ad Week warns marketers ignore small screen at their peril

Adweek is reporting that one out of every seven minutes of media is consumed via mobile devices, according to the latest research from IPG's Universal McCann and AOL. Mobile usage is expected to grow by 60 percent in the next two years, opening up a vista in which marketers will need to devise small-screen-savvy ways to sell their brands to mobile users or risk missing out .

Because 19 million mobile Web users of a U.S. total of 63 million people access the Internet weekly, mobile is leading a “social transformation,” according to Stuart Rodnick, AOL senior director of strategic insights.

Mobile’s really mobile when 95 percent of survey respondents say they used mobile media to fill downtime, with 82 percent at work, 81 percent when shopping, 80 percent at home and 65 percent while commuting to work. It’s also growing into a multimedia experience; 77 percent said they use TV and mobile at the same time to enhance the overall media-consumption experience.

Mobile users are surprisingly accepting of advertising, Universal McCann’s Graeme Hutton said, noting that 38 percent of respondents reported acting on mobile ads. Almost 30 percent said mobile ads had led them to share information, while 22 percent said mobile ads had actually influenced a purchase decision.

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