Ad Hoc 2 GHz Reallocation Committee seeks broadcasters input

The Ad Hoc 2 GHz Reallocation Committee is working to identify the best way to accomplish a transition to a tighter channel plan in order to accommodate Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) and Third Generation Wireless System (3G) users on Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) channels 1 & 2. The organization now needs your help.

The FCC is asking the committee to provide more data on the amount of equipment in use and where it is used. This data will provide better insight into how any proposed plan will play in all markets, both from an implementation and cost perspective.

With only 40 days or so left in the 60-day suspension of the mandatory negotiation period for Phase 1 of the 2 GHz band relocation plan, the Ad Hoc Committee has developed a Web-based census form to quickly gather as much of this information as possible. This online census form can be accessed at

Information entered into this online census form will help the committee assess usage patterns across different sized DMAs. It will be used to determine how fast this equipment can be produced and installed, and also will be matched with industry average equipment pricing to determine the cost of any proposed transition plan. Individual station specifics will not be shared.

Your submission will help the committee:

  • Consider alternative transition plans for clearing channels 1 and 2 to accommodate non-broadcast users.
  • Determine how much equipment would need to be replaced at each step in a transition plan.
  • Estimate how much that equipment would cost.
  • Project how long it might take to install that equipment.
  • Analyze whether differing band plans in adjacent markets are viable.
  • Work to ensure that existing ENG capabilities are retained during and after a transition.

This data will be collected from September 22 to September 26. To fill out the form please visit