Active Circle’s, Harris’ Venture Increases Digital Asset Services Offered

MELBOURNE, FLA.; and PARIS: Active Circle and Harris Corporation have entered into a joint venture that enables Harris to increase the digital asset management capabilities offered to its customers.

Harris will incorporate Active Circle storage and archive technology within its Invenio Motion media asset management product line, the companies say. The integration benefits extend beyond asset management to the greater workflow operation, giving customers an archive solution complementary to Harris broadcast automation and media asset management solutions, the firms say.

Harris will offer the complete solution to traditional broadcast and cable operations, as well as new media, production and post-production facilities, it says. The benefit for Harris customers is an integrated product line that simplifies the workflow architecture. In operational terms, the system will serve facilities from single channel entities to large network operations can turn their digital asset management function into a true “media asset management” system that can search, retrieve, preview and restore all content, whether it resides online on disk or offline in a tape library.

“The modularity of Active Circle technology makes it possible for Harris to build everything from entry-level to large-scale systems, while also providing complete solutions to our customers that expose all of their digital content,” said Mark Darlow, Harris Broadcast Communications’ product line manager.

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