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Activa Multimedia presents its new services for the international market at IBC2008

Activa Multimedia will present its new Audiovisual Weather Services (Servicios Audiovisuales de Meteorología, SAM) for the international market at IBC2008. It includes the platform Meteoplay 3, a latest-generation system to produce 3-D and HD maps and weather bulletins. The Catalan company will also present the new release of Automatic TV, its tool for the automatic publication of content with new features for digital signage and outdoor broadcasting.

SAM, one of the leading providers in Spain of weather forecasts, produces and edits content for all digital media including broadcast and interactive television, mobile phones and the Internet. It offers multilingual services and a forecast database for more than 15,000 geographical spots from all over the world. SAM, which produces Canal Méteo for Digital+ since 1997, has a team made up of weather specialists, journalists and experts on the new media, and it operates 24/7.

One of SAM’s main products is the platform Meteoplay 3, which enables the low-cost generation of high-quality graphic and weather bulletins in a multichannel environment. The system enables the animated generation of maps, with symbols and graphic resources in 3-D and HD, as well as moving shots, satellite and radar images, apart from forecasts and other updated weather data in real time. The platform, easy to handle by the channel’s weather specialists, minimizes efforts in the design, production and presentation of weather information spaces.

Activa will also present the new version of Automatic TV. It includes features for digital signage and outdoor broadcasting that enable it to make use of all the facilities of a professional TV system within environments of proximity and corporate communication. The platform enhances its automatic and intelligent programming applications and offers greater freedom to create multiple 3-D and HD effects on-screen for SMS participation applications, banners, information tickers or any type of infographics in real time.

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