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ACI expands viewing scope of military training

Atlantis Cyberspace (ACI) is boosting its video simulation programs that run from its Immersive Group Simulation (IGS) system for military personnel training and assessment. IGS now monitors up to 64 individuals training in military ground forces, convoy operations, law-enforcement personnel, counter-terrorism and security forces, fire fighters and emergency responders — all on LCD monitors. Mission commanders in the ICG were previously only able to monitor one trainee at a time.

ACI is using the FusionPro+ 1RU MultiViewer from Zandar Technologies. The FusionPro+ is being used to display multiple video sources in the Mission Control area of the IGS, based in Florida.

The company's first installation using Zandar hardware included a five-pod mobile system complete with four 19in flat-panel displays, which allowed a variety of switchable display options to be set up using Z-Configurator software.

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