Acht Frankfurt Invests in Autodesk

German post-production facility Acht Frankfurt has invested in two Autodesk Flame 2008 visual effects systems and Autodesk Toxik 2008 compositing software. The products were sold by Autodesk reseller Dreamwalks.

"We decided to invest in Flame because of the speed of the latest hardware and software," said Ralf Drechsler, founder of Acht Frankfurt. "The HP workstations running on Linux give us the speed we need and also reduce the cost of ownership."

Another major factor was Flame's creative toolset: "Flame gives us the tools we need for high-end post. Our clients request Flame and it will also make it easier for us to recruit new people," continued Drechsler.

Acht Frankfurt had been beta testing Autodesk Toxik software and made the decision to invest in it following the release of the stand-alone version, Toxik 2008. The facility plans to use Toxik to prepare material — such as 3D elements created in Autodesk 3ds Max 3D modelling and animation software — for use in Flame.