Accom joins Euphonix road show

The Accom Abekas 6000 will now be on display during the Euphonix 37-City Max Air Broadcast Tour.

Accom has joined the Euphonix 37-City Max Air Broadcast Tour as a main sponsor.

The specially commissioned demonstration vehicle, outfitted to replicate a small-market digital broadcast station, began its cross-country tour September 25. Among a number of manufacturers’ products being shown, the truck features an 8-channel Abekas 6000 video production server, used to help simulate live broadcast operations.

Throughout the tour, the Abekas 6000 will record multiple live news feeds ingested from various television stations along the tour route. While the demonstration vehicle is parked, the Abekas 6000 devices will replay feeds, simulating a live news broadcast while assisting in the demonstration of the Euphonix audio mixer.

Five television stations in each city will be visited, offering engineers and their staff a hands-on demo. In most cities, the Max Air Broadcast Tour will be present at Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) local chapter meetings with Accom representatives giving a short presentation on the transition to digital and the Abekas 6000.

For updated information on where and when the Euphonix 37-City Max Air Broadcast Tour will be in your market, visit or

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