Accom dims the lights; tech support to continue

Accom, an Emmy winning video equipment manufacturer that introduced new products as late as this April, has gone out of business. A notice on its Web site said the company has decided “to substantially reduce its operation” except to offer technical support for existing products.

Founded in 1988 and formed by the merger of ImMix and Abekas, the company made recording equipment, storage devices and servers designed for TV broadcasting and other video production. Among its products were the Abekas 6000 production server; the APR Clipstore disk storage line; the Axial/MX editing system; and mostly recently, the AirCleaner video/audio delay system.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, the company had more than 150 distributors around the world. For additional information, the company said to communicate through its e-mail address:

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