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Accell Delivers HDMI, DVI Cables for 1080p

Accell, a provider of audio-video interconnects and computer cables, has introduced its UltraRun line, the first copper conductor HDMI and DVI cables available up to 45 meters.

Length limitations have been a critical challenge in the HDMI-DVI cable industry because of degradation when using cables longer than 15 feet. Consequently, the customization of home theaters (among other things) has been hindered by the inability to transfer digital video signals over long cable lengths.

The new UltraRun cable uses a miniature signal equalizer and booster and can be seamlessly integrated into the end of the existing cable providing HD transmission, without signal loss. The cable requires no external power and supports resolutions up to 1080p. It’s HDCP-compatible.

UltraRun cable is CL-2 compliant for in-wall installations and can be used for positioning displays or projectors up to 45 meters from primary video sources without requiring fiber optics or repeaters. The HD cables will be previewed at CEDIA 2005 in Indianapolis (Booth #1547) Sept. 7-11.