Abu Dhabi ADMC selects SGL archive

The Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC) has installed two Software Generation (SGL) FlashNet archive systems as part of a major expansion project. The SGL archives, which are both under the control of Harris Invenio, support 10 SD and 11 HD channels.

The first system forms the heart of the network’s new film archive digitization project. Film coming into the facility is digitized and stored on a Quantum StorNext SAN. The second system provides an archive for ADMC’s sports channels. A number of ingest sources create files of varying formats. Some are stored directly on Harris NEXIO servers, while other workflows use Avid and Marquis Medway to transcode and store the resulting MXF files on Isilon disk storage. The SGL FlashNet archive sits at the heart of the enterprise.

Both systems share digital tape archive storage, which is provided by a Spectra Logic T950 library and contains seven drives and 1850 slots.