ABC News to use IP video between bureaus

Sonic Telecom, a privately held video transmission provider based in Chantilly, Va., has signed a three-year contract with ABC Television for the digital distribution of broadcast quality news programming between the network’s major news bureaus.

ABC has replaced more costly satellite-based contribution and distribution of news programming with Sonic’s Internet Protocol (IP) technology. ABC and its NewsOne network will use IP over Sonic's network to gather news segments from ABC News bureaus in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and New York and make them accessible to ABC affiliates nationwide.

The new technology enables ABC News bureaus to upload news segments as soon as they are ready so that ABC affiliate stations can access daily programming at any time.

“This is really a milestone for ABC and ABC NewsOne. Delivering digital file content from News Bureaus is an important step in the digital migration of the ABC News editorial, storage, contribution and distribution process,” said Dominick DeAngelo, president and CEO of Sonic, adding that the use of IP distribution will help ABC reduce its costs substantially.

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